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Date Service Rating Customer Review
6/3/2018 Ticket Purchase
Super easy!
6/1/2018 Ticket Purchase
The price was discounted
5/31/2018 Ticket Purchase
everything was good. Thanks.
5/31/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy website to book on, confirmation ASAP.
5/31/2018 Ticket Purchase
Great customer support and follow up
5/24/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy to book
5/22/2018 Ticket Purchase
So easy to view options, select tickets, complete purchase and receive printable tickets by email with ease! Would definitely use Reserve Hawaii again.
5/21/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very effective
5/20/2018 Ticket Purchase
They were attentive, addressed my issues and were quick to respond.
5/19/2018 Ticket Purchase
5/11/2018 Ticket Purchase
I went online, found a place to order/reserve tickets for a luau while we are in Oahu. I experienced no problems. It went as expected and it took about the same amount of time it usually takes when doing these things.
5/11/2018 Ticket Purchase
I would have much preferred to have been able to speak to a live person. I had a couple question I would have liked to ask. I am a 78 year old lady and am not computer literate am not comfortable using them. Since I had no choice, I am happy it all worked out and My Daughter and I are looking forward to our trip.
5/5/2018 Ticket Purchase
Website was easy to navigate and Customwr Service was great!
4/18/2018 Ticket Purchase
Had a problem with a ticket, The customer service was un clear about a resolution to this problem or why it occured. The discount offered also was unclear exactly what it was being applied to since it was a package deal. Was not impressed and could have done the same thing with the same results by booking my self at the venues. Not overly impressed
4/18/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was just easy to set up what I was interested in reserving! No problems.
4/7/2018 Ticket Purchase
Excellent and very cordial service. Got my answers and my reservation very quickly.
3/24/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy purchase, email receipt. Bodda book,... Bodda done!
3/19/2018 Ticket Purchase
Awesome services and prices!! My vacation to Hawaii will be awesome!
3/15/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very quick and easy to reserve our Kauai activities. Thanks Reserve Hawaii for making it so easy to pre plan our vacation. We had a wonderful time visiting Kauai and look forward to the day we can return.
3/8/2018 Ticket Purchase
I was so happy to find your site. The cruise ship tickets to important sights, were way too expensive, so thank you for the great savings!

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